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Property Packet will help you create digital marketing packets for your listings that you can email, share, post and print in no time at all.

Provide value. Get more listings. Sell more listings.

Using the Property Packet real estate marketing tools, you will be able to create digital, robust listing packets that contain pertinent information such as floor plans, the deed, letter from the seller, history of the property, expenses, disclosures and photos within minutes. The Property Packet system will generate a branded or unbranded link that can be attached to the MLS, posted on social media or sent through email to prospective buyers or agents to help you marketing your listings. You can even link to each individual listing packet in your Property Packet account from your website.

Simply write, “Ask your agent for a detailed Property Packet” within your MLS listing and watch the leads flow.

  • Get More Listings

    Show sellers in the listing appointment how you will do more than sending out the MLS sheet to interested buyer leads on their home.

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  • Convert Online Buyer Leads

    Be the agent that finally answers the most common online buyer question, "Can you please send me more information on the property?"

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  • Research Your Listings

    We provide you with the database of information the buyers actually crave; the deed, plot map, utilities, water/sewer location, disclosures, and more.

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